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Permits and Inspections - Fire Suppression System Plan

2006 International Fire Code
2003 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
Illinois Plumbing Code


A fire suppression system plan is required for the building permit process and all new construction or whenever installing, relocating, or altering an existing system or fire/police alarm system, which is connected to the City’s alarm system. A plan is also required for commercial structures when expanding the square footage or significantly altering an existing building. An Illinois State License is required for suppression system contractors.



Applicants can either submit a sprinkler plan with the building permit or a letter of intent as to the use of a sprinkler or alarm system. If submitting a sprinkler plan, two sets of sprinkler plans and hydraulic calculations are needed. Information regarding the pressure and location of water lines is available through the Public Services Department at (618) 251-3122. Information regarding location of hydrants is available through the Fire Department at (618) 259-0984 or at wrfd11@aol.com.



Plans are forwarded to the Public Services and Fire Department for review and approval. The Building and Zoning Department will inform the applicant of any concerns regarding the project. Once approved, the Building & Zoning Department can issue the necessary permit to the applicant once the fees are paid.



Fire suppression inspections are conducted by the City’s Fire Department. These inspections are part of the permit fee and are no additional charge. If these inspections are not done at the appropriate time, the City can require the applicant to remove or redo any work that was not inspected. The applicant may also be subject to fines and other penalties. Any changes or deviations from the plans will be noted on the inspection form. The following inspection schedule is only the minimum number of inspections. The City reserves the right to inspect any development at anytime to ensure compliance with all development codes or ordinances and will make no determination on quality of workmanship.


The following inspections can be arranged by calling (618) 259-0984 Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.  No inspections will be done on holidays or weekends. Twenty-four (24) hour notice must be given for all inspections.



A function test will be conducted prior to occupancy of the building.


Suppression System

A function test will be conducted prior to occupancy of the building.



A function test will be conducted prior to occupancy of the building.


Letter of Completion

Upon completion of the project, the Building & Zoning Department will issue a letter indicating the City’s final approval within three (3) days of final inspection. All final certificates or correspondence will be from the Building & Zoning Department.




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