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Permits and Inspections - Sign Permit

Article 5
Wood River Zoning Ordinance


A sign permit is required when erecting, expanding, altering or relocating any permanent or temporary object, device, display, or structure or part thereof that is used to advertise, identify, display, or attract attention to any object, person, institution, organization, business, product, service or event related to the premises on which the sign is situated by any means including words, letters, figures, designs, symbols, fixtures, colors or illumination.



Applicants are required to complete and submit a master signage plan to be reviewed. The signage plan shall include:

  1. Name, address, and telephone number of the applicant and of the owner of the parcel on which the sign is to be installed.

  2. An accurate plot plan of the zone lot, at such scale as the Building & Zoning Department may reasonably require. The plot plan will list the amount of street frontage, as well as the relation and location of nearby traffic control devices.

  3. Location and dimensions of buildings, parking lots, driveways, and landscaped areas on such lot. Description shall include the square footage of the building, as well as the square footage of the exterior facades.

  4. An accurate indication on the plot plan of the proposed location of each present and future sign of any type, whether requiring a permit or not. The description of the signs shall include dimensions, area, overall height, method of illumination, and the method of support or attachment.


Applications for sign permits will be reviewed by the Building & Zoning Department. A completed application must be submitted with sufficient information and documentation to allow the reviewer to verify compliance with the Sign Ordinance. Once it has been determined that the proposed sign(s) will comply with the ordinance, a permit shall be issued.



Follow-up inspections will not be conducted unless a deviation from the application is noticed or the City receives a complaint of an ordinance violation. During any inspection, the City will only document compliance with the City codes, and will make no determination on quality of workmanship.


Letter of Completion

This permit will not receive any final certificate from the City.




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