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Land Use - Special Use Permits

Governing Code: Zoning Ordinance Article 12-8

In addition to the permitted uses available in each zoning district, there are additional special uses. Special uses are designed to give flexibility to the community and property owners to allow for other compatible uses within a particular zoning district. Developments categorized as special uses are types of developments that are viewed to be supportive of the existing land use in certain zoning districts. However, these uses are not always desirable in the particular district because of traffic, noise or other issues. As a result, each proposed development must obtain a Special Use Permit to ensure its compatibility among neighboring land uses.

For any development that is considered a special use, property owners must apply for a "Special Use Permit" available through the Building & Zoning Department. The property must be zoned for the proposed special use and be identified in the zoning ordinance. A public hearing will be set before the BZA to allow for community input. BZA will make the decision regarding the approval or denial of the special use. All submitted site plans should be reproducible prints that are no larger than 11x17.

Review Process: Staff Review → BZA Action

Assuming deadline compliance, estimated length of process: 45 days




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