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Boards and Committees

Recruitment and Selection

The City believes it is important to encourage citizen input and participation at many different levels of government. As a result, Wood River has numerous boards and commissions to give residents an insight and a voice on important community issues. As vacancies occur, the City is always looking for civic minded residents to participate in the decision making process of our community. The more than 80 volunteer Board and Commission members provide a valuable service to the community and City Council by conducting public hearings and researching the issues before making a final recommendation or decision. The recommendation, decisions and hard work of these boards and commissions can be seen everyday throughout our community.

All members are appointed to the board or commission by the Mayor with consent of the City Council. To become involved or get more information about a particular board or commission, please contact the Mayor, elected official or the City Manager at (618) 251-3100.

Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

The Board of Zoning Appeals makes valuable decisions regarding the interpretation of any provision, term or boundary in regards to the Zoning Ordinance. The Board consists of seven (7) volunteer members of the community to serve 5-year terms appointed by the Mayor with consent of the City Council. After reviewing staff recommendations, on-site reviews and information gathered from the public hearings, ZBA decides on land use and development issues such as variances or special uses.

Board of Fire & Police Commissioners

The three (3) member Board is appointed by the Mayor with consent of the Council to serve a three (3) year staggered term. During this term the Board is responsible for making rules for the appointment, promotion and removal of all police and fire officers, except appointed personnel, on the basis of merit alone. In addition, the Board is responsible for investigating all charges of improper conduct of members of the Fire and Police Departments. If warranted, the Board will hold hearings on the charges and act in accordance with their findings and rules.

Planning Commission (PC)

The Commission is a thirteen (13) member volunteer board appointed by the Mayor with consent of the City Council to a five (5) year term. Members will provide recommendations on all proposed subdivision developments, annexations, zoning changes and planned unit developments to the City Council. The Commission makes evaluations and recommendations based on information gathered through on-site reviews, plans, public hearings and local ordinances. This Commission is also charged with guiding future development through maintenance of the Comprehensive Plan. 

Police Pension Board

The five (5) member Board of Trustees includes two members appointed by the Mayor with consent of the City Council, as well as two active police force personnel and one current beneficiary of the Police Pension Fund who are elected by their peers to serve a two (2) year term. The Board meets to manage the assets of the fund, accept members into the fund and approve regular and disability pensions during their terms.

Fire Pension Board

The five (5) member Board includes two members appointed by the mayor with consent of the City Council, as well as and one retired firefighter and three other persons who are to be elected from among the active firefighters to serve a term of three (3) years. The Board will invest, control and disburse the money in the Firefighter’s Pension Fund.

Storm Water Commission

This five (5)-member commission is appointed by the Mayor with consent of the City Council to serve a three (3) year term. The Commission is charged with acquiring and maintaining basic information as is necessary to gain an understanding of past trends, present conditions, and forces at work to cause changes in storm water flooding conditions within the City and surrounding areas. Understanding these forces will help the commission recommend alternative solutions or formulate plans to alleviate these flooding conditions.

Wood River Park & Recreation Advisory Commission

The Commission consists of ten (10) members who are appointed to a five-year term by the Mayor with consent and approval of the City Council. Members analyze the maintenance, planning and development of all existing or to be created park and playgrounds within the City. The Board also monitors and makes recommendations regarding the recreational program and the operation of the Aquatic Center, Belk Park and the Round House.

Traffic Commission

The Traffic Commission is a nine (9)-member commission who are appointed to three (3) year terms by the Mayor with consent of the City Council. The Commission is responsible for formulating a master traffic plan, needed traffic studies, traffic code and act upon any traffic problem referred to it by the City Council. In addition, the Commission reviews all proposed additions to the traffic regulations and rules of the City (except those of an emergency nature) before they are placed into effect. The Commission makes recommendations to the Council and City Manager concerning any traffic matters.

Library Board of Directors

The Board consists of nine (9) Directors appointed by the Mayor with consent of the City Council to serve a three (3) year term. The Board has exclusive authority to make all decisions necessary regarding maintenance, operation and expenditures of the Library. This could include the renovation or expansion of any building, program or service to enhance the public library.

Wood River Community Appearance Board

The Board consists of sever (7) members who represent a cross section of the community, which includes business, industry, civic groups and residents, to serve a three (3) year term. The Boards primary objective is to identify appearance projects and activities that bring benefit to the City. The board recognizes individual residents and businesses that improve the appearance of their properties throughout the months of May & September.