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Building and Zoning

The Building and Zoning Department protects and preserves the investment of both residential and commercial property owners with consistent and comprehensive code enforcement of all city ordinances pertaining to building, zoning and nuisance abatement. These standards as set by the City Council regulate the immediate building, use and maintenance of structures within the City. The community has developed these standards to protect the long-term investment of property owners and the City. The Building and Zoning Department works with residents, businesses and developers to ensure development projects or other improvements are reviewed, inspected and completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Occupancy inspections and permits are also handled by the Building & Zoning Department.

For more information regarding occupancy or building permits, zoning regulations or construction standards, please contact the Building and Zoning Department at (618) 251-3100. 

Zoning Code Enforcement

The Zoning Code is one of the most important tools the City can use to promote orderly development. All property within the City is governed by the zoning code and placed within a zoning district. Examples of some zoning districts are agriculture, single family residential and business. These zoning designations regulate what types of uses are permitted and how structures can be built within the district. The zoning code has requirements such as building height, minimum lot area, setback lines, off-street parking and other related considerations.

Before constructing, changing the use of a building or other improvements, property owners need to be sure the plan is in compliance with the zoning requirements. Residential property owners will need to consult the zoning requirements when making improvements to their property such as adding a deck, additional room, or expanding a garage. Business property owners will need to verify with the zoning code when changing businesses, substantial renovation or making other improvements to the property. Unfortunately, changes cannot be approved if the initial proposal does not meet the requirements of the zoning ordinance or other regulation. However, the property owner does have the option of applying for a variance, special use permit or a rezoning. Department staff can be contacted to identify the particular zoning of the property and discuss the different processes by calling (618) 251-3100.

Specific information about zoning requirements are available on the Zoning Code page.  Click here to go there now.

Building Code Enforcement

After a property owner has received the necessary approvals and building permit, the property owners can begin working. Throughout the process, city inspectors conduct routine inspections of the property to ensure compliance to the 2012 International Building Code and Wood River Zoning Ordinance. The building code is a nationally recognized construction standard that provides guidelines for the minimum construction requirements necessary to protect the safety and welfare of the public and property owners. City inspectors verify that the improvements are in compliance with the minimum standards adopted but cannot ensure quality of workmanship. For more information or to schedule an inspection, please contact the Building & Zoning Department at (618) 251-3100.

Property Maintenance Code Enforcement

The property maintenance code is a nationally recognized standard in which the City can protect the minimum health, safety and maintenance requirements for existing buildings, structures and property. City inspectors rely on the 2012 International Building Code for guidance when conducting any inspection or following up on a complaint. The code sets a minimum standard for the upkeep of neighborhoods and commercial areas in an effort to prevent public nuisances such as accumulation of trash, high weeds, dilapidated porches and derelict vehicles.

Anonymous complaints can be reported to the inspector by calling (618) 251-3100. Property owners in violation of the property code are notified in writing of the reasons for violation and allowed a reasonable time period to comply. Even though inspectors make every effort to work with property owners, for those who choose not to comply with the code the City has full authority to issues fines or prosecute.

Occupancy Permits

Effective June 1, 2005, the City of Wood River established an ordinance which requires the inspection of properties prior to any new occupancy. Call 251-3100 for more information. Occupancy Permit Ordinance

Forms and Permits

A number of forms and permits are available to you.  Click here to go there now.